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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement:
Effective Date: December 3, 2023


We believe in the goal of global inclusion by empowering people to be more productive through digital accessibility. We are committed to working to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities by incorporating the relevant accessibility standards for our website. We are committed to working to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities by incorporating the relevant accessibility standards for our website in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).


Our website is hosted on the platform. Lawlytics has completed the following optimizations to remove barriers to accessibility.

  • Accessible Contact Forms - Contact forms are appropriately labeled so that screen readers can discern what is being requested.
  • Adjustable Text Sizes -  The text on our website can be resized by accessibility tools up to 200% without diminishing the readability of the content or degrading the function of the page.
  • Alternative Text Fields - Alt text provides screen readers and search engines information about images and videos.
  • Color Contrast - Good color contrast allows all users to see our website regardless of their device or the lighting of their surroundings. We provide color palettes that are optimized for color contrast.
  • Semantic HTML - Semantic HTML correctly identifies and contextualizes the important elements of our website for accessibility devices, such as screen readers, and also allows search engines to better interpret your content.


To help us create a positive and productive experience for everyone who uses our website (including any related app we may have), we have incorporated UserWay as an additional accessibility solution at this time in reliance on ADA Title III guidelines that require removal of accessibility barriers that are “readily achievable” without “significant difficulty or expense” based on available resources.

UserWay provides a limited solution that helps with website navigation by (i) adjusting the size, spacing, and alignment of text, (ii) improving contrast ratio, fonts, and text color so that they are easier to read, and (iii) magnifying the cursor and highlighting links to make them more clickable. DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THAT THE USERWAY INTEGRATION PROVIDES A COMPREHENSIVE OR COMPLETE SOLUTION FOR ACCESSIBILITY.
If you enjoyed using our website, or if you experienced any accessibility issues, please let us know. We welcome your suggestions. You can us contact with the following contact information.


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