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ChatGPT Can Get You Into Trouble with Digital Marketing Compliance!

April 11, 2023

ChtGPT is a Powerful New Tool, But Be Careful With How You Use It

Chat:GPT can provide valuable assistance with the creation of content.

It's essential to understand that the key to digital marketing compliance with Chat:GPT is how you use it.

Two hypothetical scenarios for potential trouble with ChatGPT and digital marketing compliance

Hypothetical 1: creating a sales page

The tricky question is, how much do you trust the content created by ChatGPT in terms of copyright infringement or even plagiarism?

One way to avoid copying or even a claim of plagiarism is to be very careful with the prompt.

Prompt example: write a headline followed by three paragraphs of benefits for a website sales page in the style of Dan Kennedy for the following product _________ that is designed to ________.

If your prompt requires a textual reply that mimics the style of a well-known marketer, you could have some copyright issues.

One possible way to avoid copyright issues is to submit the output to a plagiarism test.

Grammerly has a plagiarism test. There are others.

Hypothetical 2: replicating the voice of a celebrity for a digital ad

Your product is a specific type of survival gear.

You want to shoot a video ad showing a survivalist demonstrating the product with a very authoritative voiceover describing why it's imperative that qualified consumers buy the product.

Who has a very authoritative voice?

James Earl Jones, of course, and ChatGPT should be able to create a convincing kind of synthesized impersonation voiceover of James Earl Jones.

Your problem in this hypothetical is a likely violation of Jones' right of publicity.

The test of violating the right of publicity is whether the voiceover identifies James Earl Jones.


Chat:GPT can be a powerful tool for leveraging content creation.

Or, if you're not careful, it could get you into trouble with digital marketing compliance!

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